Fill Up 2  Fill Up 2

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 3 Ghz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0
  • Fill Up 2
    Fill Up 2
    Are you tired of regular puzzles and ordinary tasks? Are you looking for something new and unexpectedly cool? Well, then you are about to experience the very right game which will turn your regular pastime upside down and inside out! Try our unbelievably dynamic puzzle game Fill Up 2 to see how fast time can fly when you really enjoy what you do. The whole city built with your help is the main target. This magnificent project should be carried out to glorify your attempts. Buy banks, office centers and trading malls, set them in proper places and fill with people. Set regular buildings and let your imagination work over what should be going on inside. 4 weather seasons and 30 locations will help you to get enough cash and build a great city in Fill Up 2. Enjoy perfect 3D visuals and dynamic music while earning needed money. And to get them you must win mind-blowing puzzles in accordance with each level's objective. Set various vehicles in rows of not less than three on parking places. Get extra money for complex combos and try to work good enough to receive a trophy. Play tutorial to have start up funds and pass to levels where your total cash depends only on your logic and strategy skills. Rules vary from level to level, the only fact that remains, is that all your income depends fully on your logic and strategy skills. Check it out once to enjoy every single moment of playing. Download this extremely awesome puzzle Fill Up 2 for free, challenge new conditions and feel the taste of true victory.


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