Lost Head  Lost Head

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Lost Head
    Lost Head
    Boost your logic and return Franken-Stitch his lost head in the amazing game Lost Head! Are you fond of challenging games with a nice plot? The physics-based game Lost Head is a best choice for you! It helps to escape from the dull reality diving into the funny world where a cute Franken-Stitch is at all pains to return his lost head back. Welcome to the mysterious land where nobody is surprised when its head is going away for a walk but it always returns back! A small Franken-Stitch is really upset to lose his head and he can’t find it without your help! Brace yourself to breathtaking adventures in the game Lost Head and overcome lots of obstacles to help the funny Franken-Stitch! You appear on the game board with various blocks and bubbles where you see a headless Franken-Stitch and his reckless head at the opposite side. As you have already guessed, you are here to lead the head to the body safe and sound! Use beams, wooden blocks, air bubbles and even multicolored sponges to get to the main hero’s head. At first, it’s easy enough but later on you are to rack your brains to find the solution of the puzzle. Beware of beams, they are really treacherous — one inaccurate move and the head will fall into the abyss. Think over your future moves because if you remove the wrong items from the game board, you should replay the level. Keep in mind that the quicker you are the more stars and prize scores you’ll get. During the game except your main aim you can fulfil additional consequences — collect extra items to get better results and enlarge your collection. Gather radio, electric iron, kettle and other items to get the rich collection of kitchen devices. Keep in mind that each level can be replayed if you are not satisfied with the total score. Except the first location you can unlock others: Propeller for 60 and Resistance for 90 stars. And the more collectibles you pick up the quicker you can unlock these locations! Have fun playing the game Lost Head and return Franken-Stitch its head!


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