Magic Griddlers 2  Magic Griddlers 2

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Magic Griddlers 2
    Magic Griddlers 2
    Solve all the griddlers to save kidnapped heroes in the colorful puzzle Magic Griddlers 2! Are you fond of fairy tales where kings are kind and noble, evil wizards live far away in dark castles and all the dwellers are happy and carefree? Just an ordinary story, agree? The inhabitants of the kingdom were leading a peaceful life while the cunning sorcerer decided to enslave the kingdom, he turned its dwellers to stones and kidnaped royal wizards who were able to break the spells. And now only the true hero can overcome lots of obstacles and solve complicated puzzles to return peace to the kingdom! In the game Magic Griddlers 2 you are to chase the malicious sorcerer in 6 magnificent worlds and complete all the nonograms. If you are not a great fan of griddlers, you will appreciate this game without fail because here you can look through a detailed tutorial with all the hints of playing nonograms. You need to fill in all the necessary squares in the grid to complete the puzzle. The rules are simple enough: you should just look at the numbers and fill in the squares to get a pattern. Horizontal lines (rows) are read from left to right while vertical lines (columns) are read from top to bottom. Don’t forget to cross out unnecessary cells that shouldn’t be filled in for your convenience. Use hints if you are stuck and do your best to get more stars and coins to buy power-ups in the shop. There are several of them: Refilling hints for 1 level, Hints and a great bonus - Rights for mistakes that can prevent you from replaying the level. Play the game Magic Griddlers 2 and upgrade your quick wits and logical thinking! Win amazing trophies, create your own collection and get the achievement “Champion”! You are to explore 6 beautiful worlds where fairy creatures are living: have a mug of beer in the dwarfish canteen, relax in the elfish forest and visit the mermaid’s palace on the ocean’s bottom! Have fun while playing the game Magic Griddlers 2 and outwit the cruel sorcerer!


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